Upskilling will make you stand out from the crowd

Its never too late to brush up on your digital skills. As the world of technology is forever changing now is the time for you to look at your skill set in the digital area and plan to refresh these skills.

The long held view that digital skills are only for those who work in the Tech sector is now outdated.

It cannot be denied that computers,smartphones and mobile devices now play a major part in our everyday life and in particular in our everyday working life.

This is relevant whether you are a software programmer in a multinational or a healthcare worker in a major hospital.

There are a number of reasons why you should upskill

  1. It Increases your potential employment and promotion prospects.
  2. It reduces the prospect of redundancy.
  3. Makes you future proof.
  4. Allows you to discover new passions.
  5. Meet like –minded people.

The benefits of upskilling early will give you the best possible chance to acquire new job opportunities and in turn improve your employability. By having an extensive set of skills rather than only a small handful, it is likely that you will be recognised as more valuable to employers.

Upskilling and learning will give you greater bargaining power, allowing you to grow and diversify your skills at a more advanced stage.

Upskilling is vital for you in today’s workplace due to the increasing amount of outsourcing and technological advancement which is resulting in more and more people being replaced in their jobs.

The correct upskilling plan allows you to become a more irreplaceable asset to your organisation and will prove that you have a determination and willingness to learn, as well as a passion and enthusiasm for your role within your company and this traits will never go unnoticed by your employer and will assist greatly with your promotion prospects.

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