GDPR Awareness

GDPR Awareness

Staff awareness forms a large part of the regulation. That’s why you need to arm yourself and your staff with the information they need to make significant strides towards compliance.

Our GDPR Staff Awareness Course which has key earning objectives ,

  1. Summarise the requirements of the GDPR principals for your organisation
  2. Explain the individual rights outlined in the GDPR
  3. Take basic precautions at work to keep personal data safe as per the principles of GDPR
  4. How and when to know how to report a data breach under the GDPR

What you will learn

Upon completion of this course, you should have a knowledge of:

  • Module 1 – Overview
    What is data protection?
    Who does GDPR apply to?
    What does GDPR apply to?
  • Module 2 – Principles
    Principles of GDPR
  • Module 3 – Rights
    Individuals Rights
  • Module 4 – Responsibilities
    GDPR Responsibilities
    Breach Notification
Course Name
GDPR Awareness
valid lifetime
20 euro