Expand your Retail Business


A Step by Step Guide to Help you Expand Your Retail and Distribution Business.
We developed this course to support retail businesses in scaling
As part of the SME evolution program, we have gathered experts and thought leaders from around the world to share their views on how you can expand your business.

Through the course, we aim to provide a simple playlist of videos that provide practical tips on essential business expansion principles with a focus on the professional services industry.

The playlist is supported by a set of resources that would be available to you including case studies, tools, and templates.

In addition to that, one of our experts would be assigned to support you with course questions that you may have. Consider them your personal coach!

Who is it for?

This set of content is ideally suited for SMEs and Business Owners because of its practical nature.

What you will learn

All videos aim to provide practical learning that you can put into action. Over 1 hour of practical video content, supported by cases and additional resources.

Course Curriculum

  • Set your Professional Services Growth Strategy
  • Developing your Innovation Process to Help Scale your Services
  • Essential Leadership Skills to drive your Strategy and Innovation Process
  • Empowering the Team Around you to help you implement your Strategy
  • Launching an Effective Marketing Campaign to Promote Your Innovation
  • Developing your Team’s Sales Skills to Increase your Services Sales
  • Key Legal Documents you Need to have in Place to Protect Your Investments
  • Financial Metrics You Need to track to ensure the health of Your Business
  • Key Project Management Considerations to keep in mind when Implementing Your Services
  • What Are the Technology Tools you can Use to Improve your Business Performance
  • 4 Considerations to Keep in Mind When Talking to Funders When you Want to Expand your Business

Course Price

$29.99 per individual.

Expand your Retail Business