Social Learning – sharing learning with your friends

As we start 2018 with huge positive energy our members are keen to discover the trends in learning and training in the Education sector in 2018.

Mobile learning will be as bigger than it was in 2017. From video content to mobile learners who will use their smartphones and heading online for training in greater numbers than ever before.

Mobile Learning allows users to learn at any moment they require so that they can use time waiting for trains or planes to learn or downtime waiting for appointments or meetings.

It is important that you choose a learning platform with a mobile app so that you can learn anytime, anywhere on any device. Our Back 4 Good Academy provides this solution for our members and also allows you to get involved in social learning which is now one of the fastest-growing learning tools.

Social Learning is all about working closely together and sharing skills in a natural way with your friends, family or colleagues.

Social Learning is driven by the growth of smartphone use and this is a huge leap forward compared to the education available to previous generations who were subject to classroom based education.

The future for e-learning platforms such as the Back 4 Good Academy is to provide a tailored learning package to suit individual needs of each learner and new learning management systems now reveal how learners interact with the training material and this will present a unique opportunity to personalise learning programmes and for learners to adapt their educational path depending on their specific goals.

Social Learning is significantly increasing as learners feel motivated when they study as part of a group, early research hs shown that they score better and achieve better results.

With advances online you now do not have to study alone, you can share all your learning information with your friends online and have them join you.

Nothing encourages learners more to learn than this, as we all strive to belong somewhere and thanks to technology and the Back 4 Good Academy you no longer have to study alone.

Register today as a member and open up the many excellent options you have to get involved in Social Learning with your friends, family or colleagues.

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