Learners can select the location they wish to learn in

Back 4 Good Academy was inspired by our user base to develop a unique e-learning solution which will contribute towards addressing the skills shortages we have in our 120 locations.

Our mission with the Back 4 Good Academy is to close the gap between skilled and unskilled people and to assist job changers and jobseekers to become more employable and gain additional skills.

We will help learners to improve the life options through internationally & nationally accredited courses.

Our unique edge is that our course will be provide online and available in formats that allow the leaner to do the courses they need in their own time.

Back 4 Good and now our new academy is essentially a platform that allows you to choose the location you wish to live in, find the right job for you and update your CV to match that job.

Working with our partners in Education and Training you can select the course you want and the location that you might like to do the course in.

The Back 4 Good Academy has partnered with a number of major course providers and have created a library of courses based on our global network.

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