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Interesting to see the skills shortage issue taking centre stage in Israel as the country suffers a significant skills shortage and employers struggle to find skilled job ready workers.

The Back 4 Good academy has had a number of discussions with employers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to make available our range of vocational skills courses to meet the demand of the labour market in both cities .

Israel is also suffering from a wave of retirements of highly skilled immigrants from the former Soviet Union and this is exacerbating the shortage of skilled workers .

Skills in demand in Israel include cybersecurity professionals,ICT programmers and Software engineers.in the construction sector the range of occupations in demand is huge with civil engineers, foremen,craftspeople and planners.

In the hospitality sector again the demand is significant with jobs available for receptionists, hotel managers,Chefs and Bar staff required.

Healthcare professionals are in big demand across the board.

If you are living and working in Jerusalem or tel Aviv and wish to update your skill set register with our Academy today as we have the relevant courses available for you.

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