Healthcare and Medical learning options for you

The shortage of skilled workers in the Healthcare profession is now Global with 1000s of unfilled vacancies in many countries.

At the Back 4 Good Academy we have a range of courses that will help you get the skills you need to secure a highly paid role in the health sector.

From basic course introducing you to Medicine and Healthcare to top level courses in various disciplines.

If you are just starting out and looking to take your first steps on the ladder we have an excellent course which gives you a Journey through Medicine and advises you on how to get into Medical School.

This course is a comprehensive overview of the process of becoming a physician starting from the very beginning all the way through residency. Its goal is to provide the learner with a complete framework giving you both a roadmap and the ability to navigate pitfalls such as poor academic performance as well as considering foreign medical schools.

Other relevant starter courses include

  • Medical Language for allied Health Professionals
  • The Emergency Medical System
  • Basics of Medical Terminology
  • Advance Medical Device Development
  • Introduction to Medical Imaging
  • Basics of Medical Microbiology
  • Pharmaceutical Supply Management

and much more.

Rates of pay and packages in the Healthcare and Medical sectors are at an all time high with opportunities available in the 135 Back 4 Good partner cities located from China to Great Britain to Ireland to India and from Canada to the USA to Israel.

Have a look at our courses as supplied here online and register today on our Academy.



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