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The Back 4 Good Academy is an important resource for Employers and Organisations. It you have requires to update the skills of your employees our Academy allows you to acquire large numbers of relevant courses and you can manage the delivery of these courses through your HR department on your own dashboard on the Academy platform.

We have partnered with relevant Education Institutes and training providers on a sector by sector basis which will allow you to upskill your workforce at all levels and disciplines.

Using our Academy you will be able to deliver bespoke on boarding courses to new recruits before they commence duties and this will assist with key staff retention targets and enhance the effectiveness o the recruitment process.

Our Academy has a range of courses for those who are returning to work after a period of time out of the workplace with new updated courses that allow these potential employees to brush up on their skills and be job ready for you.

For organisation that wish to make a contribution to their client’s and consumers courses are available to purchase in bulk and various means of distribution channels are available to reach your target audience.

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