28 Nov: Sales skills in high demand

  Sales Occupations and employment of sales professionals is projected to grow by 3% in 2017 and sales occupations are direct sales ,sales marketing roles and B2B sales roles . Gaining valuable training in these occupations is vital and the Back 4 Good Academy has a number of courses that meet your needs . You might be offering an amazing product or service …but getting your foot in the door to schedule that first meeting with your important clients is usually the hardest part. Most people aimlessly try finding new clients by cold calling or going to networking events, which we know can lead to inconsistent results ,and frankly ,can be a huge waste of time . There has to be a better way right ? Fortunately,there is a Proven method top sales people and entrepreneurs have been using to schedule appointments with their big clients for years and this excellent course teaches you one of the most effective ways for an individual or business to develop a business relationship with another company. This corse is built for B2B salespeople ,freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs who sell their products or service in either phone or in-erson meetings . It is ideal for individuals and companies who want to connect with small medium and Fortune 500 companies. It teaches you how to be more influential ,persuasive and convincing to clients and business prospects. By the end of this course you will write amazing emails that get responses even if you don’t have copywriting experience . How to build a Lead Generation Machine to get consistent leads every month . How to get meetings with your important clients  as an entrepreneur ,freelance, business development professional, sales person or consultant.


23 Nov: Take your first step in learning Mandarin and other Chinese Languages

  At the Back 4 Good Academy we have a range of courses that will allow you to learn nearly all languages spoken across the globe. One such course is focused on the Chinese Language and learner will discover a wide range of Chinese vocabularies including vocabularies describing Nature,Emotion,major human conditions and express themselves in the terms. This course is for all levels of Chinese learners ,and the vocabulary teaching is from the most basic intermediate level so the learner does not need have to have much preparation in the language skill . This course is by far the most beautiful in-depth course and will teach you Chinese language ,poetry and poetry creation as well as Chinese philosophical thoughts influencing poetry creation . This course  is an excellent starting level course to introduce learners to China and the various Languages that exist in this amazing country . It will set a foundation for learners who may then wish to progress to learning a full Language in Mandarin and other languages that exist throughout China. We have many such courses on our Academy including Chinese Mandarin College Mandrain Basic Cantonese and more. Register today and take the first step in speaking a very unique language which will assist you in securing the right career option for you in Asia . Register today and apply for this and other interesting language courses .  


23 Nov: Masterclass in Nutrition and Fitness

    At the Back 4 Good Academy you can earn how to build the perfect fitness 7 nutrition plan using strategies of a nutritionist/personal trainer ( no gym needed ) Our Nutrition & Fitness Masterclass will teach you how to increase your metabolism even when you are not working out and make fat loss automatic .It will help you to get less frustrated once you find out how you can overcome and avoid unnecessary fat plateaus. You will save time as you effectively burn fat using only a few key exercises instead of doing excessive cardio workouts that you see online. You will learn how to gain muscle and achieve a toned body when you learn 3 crucial workout routines. Also included in this exciting course is, Equations to use to know what to eat for your height, age and gender. Short and simple but effective strength training and cardio workouts Tips on how to lose those last few pounds and get past weight loss plateaus Free resources designed to help you lose weight . Smart Goals -Planning Ahead How to change your behaviour Finding Motivation How to Eat :70% Diet 30% Workout So take the next steps in your fitness and nutrition plan and register today for this exciting course .          


23 Nov: Sign up for your Developer Bootcamp

At the Back 4 Good Academy you can take a range of courses that allow you to learn from scratch all aspects of website development and social media management. Working with our partners we have courses in all areas such as, The Web Developer Bootcamp Complete java Masterclass The Complete Web Developer Course Pyton for Beginners On our Web Developer Bootcamp you will learn ,web development-HTML CSS,JS,Wordpress and more. This is the only course you need to learn about web development .There are a lot of options for online developer training, but this course is without doubt the most comprehensive and effective in the marketplace . This is the only online course taught by a professional bootcamp instructor with 94% of students on the course going onto full time developer jobs . You will learn how to make real web applications from scratch using Express,MongoDB, and Semantic UI You will start to think like a developer and become expert on Googling code questions, write web apps with full authentication and implement responsive navbars on websites . On module allows you to learn how to create a complicated yelp-like application from a blank canvass  and create static HTML and CSS portfolio sites and landing pages . All you require to take the course is a computer with internet, prepare to build real web apps! and the confidence to deliver on your passion for all things online .    


15 Nov: Getting Connected in a Digital world

Digital Technology is now a central part of our daily lives .Whether it is at home, in school or college or in the workplace. It is now essential to have the knowledge and skills to confidently use these technologies to empower and enrich our daily lives. Our courses cover all aspects of digital technology -from basic instruction in how to operate a computer, laptop or smartphone in a practical and safe way through to getting online and accessing social media . The Back 4 Good academy courses cover the everyday technologies that we all use on a daily basis . Digital skills is one such course which offers new learners in the online space basic training in aspects such as common terminology ,common software platforms computer viruses and to protect against them. We also cover, Getting Online Music and Audio Files Social Networking Photos and Digital Image files Video Webshare and more . Register today with the Back 4 Good Academy and open your mind to a thriving and connected world .