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Back 4 Good was created as a result of demand by users on the Back 4 Good platform for an integrated Lifestyle solution that matches our members to the career choice along with the city choice and this provides members with quality certified courses available on line or in classroom.

Our Academy will allow members to identity skills gaps in their cvs and avail of our course library containing 1000s of courses in all disciplines with full certification.

You can take your courses through Back 4 Good or book a classroom based course in any of our 100 locations across the globe.

It is easy to sign up and become a member of our Academy today.

The Back 4 Good Academy provides a library of courses, all of which are certified and accredited by recognised training providers and Institutes. For employers who become our partners in the Academy, we will provide your employees with significant new and relevant skills. You will be able to train entire groups of employees at the same time and you will have your own dashboard that will allow you to track your employees and measure productivity improvements. Members can search the online library and select their chosen course with option to take courses on a module by module basis.
Our Academy will give you the opportunity to increase your skills set, as automation and artificial intelligence perform tasks there is a massive disruption of jobs and a wider array of education and skills courses are required. Our Academy will assist you in updating your skills with the most relevant and important skills required in this rapidly changing labour market.
Through a series of newscasts, which cover a wide array of industries, we are educating and spreading awareness of the top tips and safety practices policies and procedures to succeed no matter the background or experience of the individual. These newscasts instill the importance of training and maintaining a safe working environment.


Back 4 Good not only matches you to your chosen career and helps you find your city of choice we now provide you with great low-cost training which means you are always developing your CV and career.

Working with our training and education partners we can now enable you to upskill yourself with accredited online e-learning and face-to-face training specific to you.

Back 4 Good members will be able to identify your skills gaps (if any) and connect with certified training providers either by taking training direct through Back 4 Good or booking classroom -based training via Back 4 Good.

Our e-learning courses will cover a range of sectors including:

  • Pharma / Bio-Tech
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Digital
  • ICT
  • Healthcare
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Legal
  • Property & Construction
  • Health & Social Care
  • Catering & Hospitality
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Education and Training
  • Customer Service
  • Leisure Sports Entertainment
  • Retail

Back 4 Good has experienced significant growth and areas such as Digital Technology is now part of our daily lives. It is now essential to have the knowledge and skills to confidently use these technologies to empower and enrich members lives.

Back 4 Good will provide a suite of e-learning courses tailored to our members needs.

Back 4 Good will offer members an opportunity to learn something new every day to enhance your career, with practical e-learning.

Contact Back 4 Good today at greg@back4good.ie in advance of our launch if you wish to offer your courses through our platform.


Staff can take the course on a tablet, phone, or laptop. Using HTML5 content, responsive screen layouts and a SCORM compliant mobile player you can implement a learning strategy designed for the modern workplace.


Learn Excel Online with IACT

Master Excel quickly and add Excel Certification to your resume.


Learn with Udemy

Focus on your future! Udemy online courses start at $11.99 during our August Savings event.

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Dublin, Ireland

I consider myself to be a mobile professional and have moved from my hometown in South Africa to Dubai and now Dublin. Back 4 Good is a fresh new resource that has helped me along the way. The Back 4 Good Academy is a great tool that gives me Careers, Education and Skills with just the tap of my finger.

Yangon, Myanmar

I worked in a number of locations from the Netherlands to South East Asia and now Yangon. Back 4 Good was a great solution for me in gathering information on each location and for providing me with balanced and timely advice on careers on offer and the skills I needed to secure these opportunities.


GDPR Compliance: Employee Awareness E-learning Courses on Offer

What is GDPR?  is  becoming the big question that Companies, State organisations and all those involved in business are asking as the first full week back at work in 2018 commences. In particular HR directors and Managers need to become aware of this term and ensure that all employees in their organisations are fully aware of their requirements regarding GDPR. GDPR makes it much less difficult for individuals to bring claims against Data Controllers if their data or privacy has been infringed. GDPR is the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation which applies to all EU organisations, be they commercial,voluntary or a public Authority, that collect, store or process the personal data of EU individuals. Organisations based outside of the EU, that monitor or offer goods and services to European citizens will have to observe the new rules and adhere to the same level of protection of personal data. If an organisation is found to be in breach of the GDPR, they can be fined up to 20 million euro or up to 4% of their annual global turnover. GDPR takes effect and is enforceable across the European Union, or EU on the 25 May 2018. There will be no grace period for enforcement ,as the regulation was actually adopted in April 2016. In simple terms GDPR applies to both automated personal data and to manual filing systems containing personal data. However similar to  the Data Protection Act under GDPR the definition of Personal data expands into sensitive personal data. The GDPR Principles set out the main responsibilities for organisations  as follows, The GDPR requires that personal data be processed lawfully ,fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to individuals. Data must be collected and processed for specific, legitimate purposes only. Any collected data should be limited to what…

Social Learning – sharing learning with your friends

As we start 2018 with huge positive energy our members are keen to discover the trends in learning and training in the Education sector in 2018. Mobile learning will be as bigger than it was in 2017. From video content to mobile learners who will use their smartphones and heading online for training in greater numbers than ever before. Mobile Learning allows users to learn at any moment they require so that they can use time waiting for trains or planes to learn or downtime waiting for appointments or meetings. It is important that you choose a learning platform with a mobile app so that you can learn anytime, anywhere on any device. Our Back 4 Good Academy provides this solution for our members and also allows you to get involved in social learning which is now one of the fastest-growing learning tools. Social Learning is all about working closely together and sharing skills in a natural way with your friends, family or colleagues. Social Learning is driven by the growth of smartphone use and this is a huge leap forward compared to the education available to previous generations who were subject to classroom based education. The future for e-learning platforms such as the Back 4 Good Academy is to provide a tailored learning package to suit individual needs of each learner and new learning management systems now reveal how learners interact with the training material and this will present a unique opportunity to personalise learning programmes and for learners to adapt their educational path depending on their specific goals. Social Learning is significantly increasing as learners feel motivated when they study as part of a group, early research hs shown that they score better and achieve better results. With advances online you now do not have to study alone,…

Looking to Update your skills to match 1000s of available roles ?

      Interesting to see the skills shortage issue taking centre stage in Israel as the country suffers a significant skills shortage and employers struggle to find skilled job ready workers. The Back 4 Good academy has had a number of discussions with employers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to make available our range of vocational skills courses to meet the demand of the labour market in both cities . Israel is also suffering from a wave of retirements of highly skilled immigrants from the former Soviet Union and this is exacerbating the shortage of skilled workers . Skills in demand in Israel include cybersecurity professionals,ICT programmers and Software engineers.in the construction sector the range of occupations in demand is huge with civil engineers, foremen,craftspeople and planners. In the hospitality sector again the demand is significant with jobs available for receptionists, hotel managers,Chefs and Bar staff required. Healthcare professionals are in big demand across the board. If you are living and working in Jerusalem or tel Aviv and wish to update your skill set register with our Academy today as we have the relevant courses available for you.

Complete Digital Marketing Course at €9.99 in Back Friday sale !

Your Back 4 Good Academy is delighted to offer an amazing Complete Digital Marketing course to our users for just €9.99 for during our Black Friday sale. The normal retail price for this course is €199.99. Our Complete Digital Marketing Course is 12 courses in 1 and covers the following topics Social Media Marketing SEO You Tube Marketing Strategy Analytics and more. Do you want to learn digital marketing skills to grow your business or career? Join 500,000+ learners in our bestselling digital marketing course with Udemy. With over 20 hours of training and practical steps you can follow – this is the most comprehensive digital marketing course available. We’ll cover SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more. On successful completion of this course you will be able to Market and sell your own business Market and sell affiliate products Join a large corporation Go independent as a freelancer Amplify your message Get the top of search engines with SEO Market and sell with email marketing Run profitable Google Ad & Facebook campaigns Measure and optimise with Google Analytics This course is available this week for a Black Friday special rate of just €9.99. Once you Sign-up this week you can start learning at any time that suits you.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner Course at €9.99

Back 4 Good Academy are delighted to offer our users an excellent accredited CBT Practitioners Certificate course at a special Black Friday fee of just €9.99. This course normally retails at €199.99 and is now available at the special €9.99 rate for the next 8 days. This Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner course will allow learners to become Achology qualified CBT practitioner and creates an opportunity to learn one of today’s most established and respected professions. You will learn how to establish healthy person-centred relationships and create a therapeutic environment that’s conductive to helping people gain clarity and insight. This training is useful if your job involves advising or helping people even if you don’t plan to become a CBT Practitioner. This course will enable practitioners in training to apply in-depth knowledge of theoretical techniques and range of necessary skills that underpin a person centred approach to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Upon completion of the course learners will be able to understand & demonstrate the importance of resilience building in cognitive behavioural processes. No prior knowledge of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is required to enrol in this course, making it ideal for those who are just starting out in this exciting career field. This Achology accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner course will allow you to learn the essential frameworks and people skills that are required to become a CBT practitioner. If you are a people person and interested in helping others this course is for you. This course fee is normally €199,99 but for our 8 day Back Friday Sale we can offer this course at the amazing fee of just 9.99 so sign up today. If you wish to link this course with our Mindfulness Practitioners Course they are now on offer for €19.99 normal fees for both courses is €399 a…

Black Friday Learning at €9.99

Your Back 4 Good Academy working with our education partners Udemy are delighted to announce details of our annual Black Friday sale which in our case lasts for 8 days from today. We have achieved high discounts for our academy members and we are happy to pass on these savings to our subscribers. We are offering 1000s of our courses for the special course fee of just €9.99. These courses normally retail at over €199.99 and are in high demand. Your Academy has the world’s largest selection of courses to choose from with 80,000 courses available in all sectors and skills. Our courses are certified and you can take your course at anytime in the day and on multiple devices including smartphones and desktops. Our course provider Udemy is the leading global marketplace for teaching and learning connecting learners everywhere to the world’s best instructors anywhere. With 24 million active users and 80,000 courses delivered by 35,000 instructors we have achieved 150 million course enrolments with these courses deliver in over 450 different languages. Our Black Friday starts today so you are online with us at the best time .We will highlight some of the many courses available over the next 8 days and if you wish to sign up just pick on the courses and start earning.

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